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How could China effect such a move in the Indian ocean is a matter of.

Two islands: Indian Ocean to soon be 'India's

They make anti china statements, then they shout why has china not invested in India.To counter Chinese maritime presence in the Indian Ocean, India realises it needs to raise.

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As for China, India dominates the Indian Ocean by virtue of its geographic location and, given its potential to be a great power together with its aspirations in that regard, could compete with China for strategic and hegemonic space in the future.

For decades the world relied on the powerful U.S. Navy to protect the vital Indian Ocean sea lane.For India the challenge is in managing this development while securing its strategic interests in the region.

China has political, economical and military intentions in the Indian ocean region.

India, U.S. Relationship with China Make ‘Hard Actions

India China standoff: Chinese vessels prompt more

To date, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Thailand have either purchased or agreed to acquire Chinese submarines.China is recently militarizing the South China Sea to have monopoly over the.

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India and the United States are in talks to help each other track submarines in the Indian Ocean, military officials say, a move that could further tighten defense.Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited China from May 14 to 16.

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Is China A Threat To Our Island & The Indian Ocean Region

The Indian Ocean Region (IOR), a key geostrategic space linking the energy-rich nations of the Middle East with economically vibrant Asia, is the site of intensifying.

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China Wants To Turn The Indian Ocean Into The China Ocean

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Wary of China's Indian Ocean activities, U.S., India

China in the Indian Ocean: Impacts, Prospects, Opportunities By Nathaniel Barber Kieran Coe Victoria Steffes Jennifer Winter.